Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions may be revised at any time

The short stay apartments in Warrington are operated by Living Quarters
acting as a disclosed agent on behalf of the landlord.

Any reference to either “us”, “our” or “we” in these Terms and Conditions of Hire refers to Living Quarters.

So that you understand the basis of the contract between you and the landlord when you book your accommodation we have laid out, as clearly as possible, the terms and conditions on which your booking is made. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affects your normal statutory rights.

The term ‘Short Stay Apartment’ means the following:- A fully furnished and equipped apartment, accessed by corridors, stairwells and any common parts of the building, inclusive of all utility bills, Council Tax, TV licence, Broadband internet access (when installed), and an optional cleaning service including a linen and towel change can be arranged (additional charge applies).

1. Scope1.1 Your stay in the Apartment is not intended to confer exclusive possession on either the Client or Guest nor to create the relationship of landlord and tenant between the landlord and either the Client or the Guest.
Neither the Client nor the Guest will be entitled to any tenancy, or any assured short hold or assured tenancy, or to any statutory protection under the Housing Act 1988, or to any other statutory security of tenure now or upon the determination of this Agreement.2. Agreement for Occupation2.1 Living Quarters permits the Client to occupy the property, such occupation being by the Guest personally only and to use the landlord’s furniture and effects for the accommodation period.
2.2 You must be 18 years old or over when you book your accommodation. Your booking is made as a consumer and you acknowledge that no liability can be accepted for any business losses suffered or incurred by you.
2.3 We will send you a written confirmation as soon as possible showing your booking details and the balance of payment due to us. The issue of our written confirmation of your booking means we enter into a contract with you that is subject to these Terms and Conditions of Hire. On receipt of our written confirmation you must check the details carefully and if anything is not correct you should tell us immediately.
2.3 We reserve the right to refuse to accept any booking prior to the issue of our written confirmation for whatever reason.
2.4 You may arrive at your accommodation after 3pm on the start day of your booking and, unless otherwise agreed, you must leave by 10am on the last day. If you fail to arrive by midday on the day after the start date and do not advise us of a late arrival we may treat the booking as being cancelled by you.
2.5 If you want to increase your length of stay then we will do everything possible subject to the availability of accommodation to find something suitable for you. It must be borne in mind that this may not be possible.3. Paying for your Accommodation3.1 The Client will pay to Living Quarters:-
3.1.1 Cleared funds must be received by us 7 days prior to your arrival date. If you book less than 7 days before your arrival date then the total cost of the accommodation will become payable immediately in full. All prices advised to you are inclusive of booking fees and charges. In addition to the full cost of your stay a deposit will be taken to cover damages or losses. The balance of the deposit will be returned within 7 days of departure once the apartment inventory and condition has been checked.
3.1.2 No phones are installed in the apartments as it is assumed that clients / guests will have mobile phones. A line maybe connected for broadband purposes only. If the line is misused for calls without authorisation all charges will be invoiced to the client.
3.1.3 If the Client fails to pay Living Quarters any sums that are payable under this agreement when due, the Client will pay Living Quarters, on demand, interest on the unpaid sum in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 (as amended) from the date payment is due until Living Quarters receives payment in full cleared funds both before and after any judgement.4. Cancellation or Changes to your booking by us.

4.1 In the unlikely event we have to cancel or make a change to your accommodation we will use all reasonable efforts to contact you as soon as possible to explain what has happened and to inform you of the cancellation or the change. If possible we will offer alternatives but should these alternatives be unacceptable to you the booking will be treated as cancelled and we will refund any money you have paid to us within 7 days of any cancellation.
4.2 We shall not be liable for changes, cancellations or any other effect on your booking due to events beyond our control (force majeure). In these Conditions “force majeure” means any event which could not have been reasonably avoided, by us or the consequences could not have been reasonably avoided, by us even with the exercise of all due care. Such events may include war or threat of war, civil strife, terrorist activity,industrial dispute, natural or man made disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions and all similar events outside our control.

5. Death, Personal Injury or Loss of Property

5.1 We shall have no liability to you for the death or personal injury to you or any members of your party unless this results from an act or omission on our part.
5.2 You must take all necessary steps to safeguard your personal property and we accept no liability to you in respect of damage to, or loss of, such property unless caused by negligence on our part.
5.3 Cars and their contents are left in the allocated car-park at the owners risk. Please ensure that cars are locked and possessions are left out of sight.

6. Keys

6.1 Unless otherwise agreed, Living Quarters apartments will issue to the Client or Guest one set of keys to the property. If at any time the Client or Guest loses the keys, they must notify us as soon as possible and we will replace them at a cost to the Client or Guest of £50.00 per set of keys.
6.2 If, between the hours of 10pm and 8am the Guest locks him or herself out of the Property and requires the assistance of Living Quarters apartments to re-enter the Property, Living Quarters apartments reserves the right to charge a £50.00 administration fee (which if not paid to Living Quarters apartments or representative on demand may be invoiced to the Client).
6.3 Living Quarters apartments on behalf of the landlord will retain keys to the Property and will access the Property to provide the services set out in the Agreement and any necessary maintenance and also to inspect the Property and carry out repairs to the structure, roof, exterior or any services, appliances or equipment therein. We reserve the right to enter the Property at any reasonable time during your stay for essential maintenance or if we suspect damage has been caused or any emergency. We will make reasonable efforts to contact you before entering the property.

7. Obligations7.1 The Client will guarantee that any guest will :-
7.1.1 Not keep any animals, insects, birds or reptiles in the Property.
7.1.2 Not to do or permit any act that would make any insurance policy on the Property void or which may increase the premium.
7.1.3 Not do anything that may cause a nuisance or annoyance to Living Quarters apartments or to any other occupier or guests of adjoining properties or do anything at the Property that is illegal or immoral.
7.1.4 Ensure that at the end of this Agreement the Property is cleared of the guest’s effects and left in good repair and clean condition and make good, pay for the repair or replace all such items of the fixtures, furniture, furnishings and other effects as shall be broken, lost, damaged or destroyed except for reasonable wear and tear excluding matters covered by insurance.
7.1.5 Use the Property for residential purposes only and not for any business use.
7.1.6 Not make any alterations to the Property.
7.1.7 Indemnify and keep the landlord fully and effectively indemnified against all losses, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, costs or expenses or other liability or right arising in any way from this Agreement.
7.1.8 Not assign, underlet, sub-licence, charge or part with possession of whole or any part of the property, take in lodgers or share occupation of the Property with any person in any way.
7.1.9 Not sell, loan, charge or otherwise dispose of or part with possession of any of the contents located at the Property including without limitation the landlords furniture and effects.
7.1.10 Not hang on the outside of the Property any flower pot or similar object or any clothes or other articles.
7.1.11 Not block or put noxious or damaging substances into the sinks, baths and lavatory cisterns or waste or soil pipes in the property or allow them to overflow.
7.1.12 Not leave the entrance door or windows to the Property open but to
ensure that all door and window locks are properly engaged at all times.
7.1.13 Not change any lock to the Property or have any duplicate keys made.
7.1.14 To report any plumbing or electrical problem to Living Quarters apartments and to desist from attempting to remedy such problem on their own.
7.1.15 To maintain properly insured to their full replacement value all of the Client’s and/or guest’s personal property which is kept either at the Property or on the guest’s person.
7.1.16 To use all equipment provided at the Property strictly in accordance with its operating instructions and not for any purpose other than its intended use.
7.1.17 Not to leave or store any valuable personal possessions anywhere in the property where they can be easily viewed by third parties.
7.1.18 To ensure that the number of people occupying the property does not at any time exceed the maximum number of permitted occupants as set out in the booking.
7.1.19 To use any cleaning products, liquids, tablets strictly in accordance with their usage instructions and to ensure that such products are kept out of reach of children. Living Quarters apartments accepts no liability for mis-use of products supplied.8. Termination of this Agreement8.1 This Agreement may be ended by Living Quarters without notice:-
8.1.1 If the Accommodation Fee is not paid on the Payment Day or if the Client is in breach of any of the Conditions and/or
8.1.2 If the Client becomes bankrupt, has an administration order made against him or her or has a judgement enforced or entered against him or her.
8.2 Living Quarters may also terminate this Agreement at any time on giving the Client written notice.
8.3 The Client will at the end of the Accommodation period return to Living Quarters all keys to the Property and give Living Quarters vacant possession of the Property.9. If you cancel your Booking9.1 Any cancellation must be notified to us in writing. The day we receive your written notification of cancellation is the date on which your booking is cancelled.
A cancellation charge will be payable, based on the number of days before the booking start date that we received your cancellation, as shown below:-
No. of days Before Start of Booking 15- 28. Amount Payable 25%
No. of Days Before Start of Booking: 8 – 14. Amount Payable: 50%
No. of Days Before Start of Booking: 7 or less. Amount Payable: 100%
The cancellation charges will be capped to one month’s rental.
9.2 Living Quarters may, at their own discretion, waive rights to cancellation fees.10. Complaints

10.1 All complaints should be notified in writing as soon as possible to Living Quarters at the company registered address who will endeavour to resolve any problems promptly.

11. Law

11.1 These Conditions and terms of contract and all matters arising there from are subject to the law of England and Wales and in the event of dispute, you will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

12.Your Rights

Your statutory rights are not affected by anything contained within these Terms and Conditions of Hire.

How to Pay

Payment can be made by:
PayPal (3.9% charge applies)
BACS Transfer (account details on the invoice)
Company cheque or bankers draft

Early Departure

In the event that a guest needs to check out prior to the agreed departure date, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee. This fee will be no more than 2 weeks rental charge. If the early check out has shortened the stay to less than 4 weeks any long stay discount no longer applies therefore the client will be invoiced for the difference in rate for the period of the stay.

Arrival and Departure

Apartments are reserved from 3pm on the arrival date to 10am on date of departure.

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For and on behalf of the Client/Guest
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For and on behalf of the landlord

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